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Mark Pukmel

Self Sabotage Coaching Services

The Secret Of Getting Ahead, Is Getting Started. 

Mark Twain

Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage

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Self-sabotage is a protection adaptation generated out of something often referred to as the subconscious mind. Our prescriptive behaviors already playing in the subconscious mind sometimes force us to move against our best interests. 

When our subconscious carries the wrong "programs", negative life results can continually manifest. This can be confusing because although it's obvious that we're not enjoying our current life results, we appear powerless to stop them or make a course correction. 

The only way to overcome self-sabotage is to hack the subconscious and write in a new code or script, which in the end will modify our behavior in the direction of our dreams. 

We all self-sabotage. When we do it, it means we're working as designed. So, there’s nothing to worry about.
We’re not broken. Everything is working perfectly. You are perfect now. You always have been perfect
and always will be. Let’s just blow the light layer of dust off and get to remembering how powerful you
already are !


“Please remember that the mind has no choice but to modify its operation around our most dominant thoughts. Our mind not only controls our behavior but controls all our organs as well. We learn what we live. What we see, we will be. What we think, we will link. What we hear, we will make clear. What follows I AM, will always follow you.” (Think of someone saying I AM tired, or I AM always a failure etc.) What we think is what will come our way.

What Is Self Sabotage ?


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Working   with Coach Puk Will 
Unlock Your Superpowers !!

Not sure what your superpower is ? What ? You didn't know you  had one ? Well let me assure you that we all have them. They're just tucked away waiting to be unleashed !  Some folks have several !! 

 I'm a drummer for over 40 years, a Qi-gong practitioner and teacher for over 25 years, a Licensed Massage Therapist in private practice for over 18 years and a certified self sabotage coach. 

I can help you get unstuck and stay unstuck! It's about progress not perfection. 



Mark is a massage therapist/touch healer who is sensitive to the human body. He combined different touch and sound techniques that helped to speed-up my recovery time from several surgeries. When you meet Mark you will be in the presence of a caring and gentle soul who's focus is to be of service to all that he touches.

Noreen Kauahikaua

After one session with Mark not only was I completely relaxed, but totally out of physical pain. Although my physical pain was relieved, I still had a lot of emotional pain that seemed to be blocked and keeping me back even after years of psychotherapy. After the next two visits I feel that not only am I physically better, but I am no longer emotionally and spiritually blocked. Mark is a truly gifted healer, and I feel our meeting was divinely arranged.  


John E.