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Mark Pukmel

Self Sabotage Coaching Services

The Secret Of Getting Ahead, Is Getting Started. 

Mark Twain

Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage

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Self-sabotage is a protection adaptation generated out of something often referred to as the subconscious mind. Our prescriptive behaviors already playing in the subconscious mind sometimes force us to move against our best interests. 

When our subconscious carries the wrong "programs", negative life results can continually manifest. This can be confusing because although it's obvious that we're not enjoying our current life results, we appear powerless to stop them or make a course correction. 

The only way to overcome self-sabotage is to hack the subconscious and write in a new code or script, which in the end will modify our behavior in the direction of our dreams. 

We all self-sabotage. When we do it, it means we're working as designed. So, there’s nothing to worry about.
We’re not broken. Everything is working perfectly. You are perfect now. You always have been perfect
and always will be. Let’s just blow the light layer of dust off and get to remembering how powerful you
already are !


“Please remember that the mind has no choice but to modify its operation around our most dominant thoughts. Our mind not only controls our behavior but controls all our organs as well. We learn what we live. What we see, we will be. What we think, we will link. What we hear, we will make clear. What follows I AM, will always follow you.” (Think of someone saying I AM tired, or I AM always a failure etc.) What we think is what will come our way.

What Is Self Sabotage ?


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Working   with Coach Puk Will 
Unlock Your Superpowers !!

Not sure what your superpower is ? What ? You didn't know you  had one ? Well let me assure you that we all have them. They're just tucked away waiting to be unleashed !  Some folks have several !! 

 I'm a drummer for over 40 years, a Qi-gong practitioner and teacher for over 25 years, a Licensed Massage Therapist in private practice for over 18 years and a certified self sabotage coach. 

I can help you get unstuck and stay unstuck! It's about progress not perfection. 



Mark is a massage therapist/touch healer who is sensitive to the human body. He combined different touch and sound techniques that helped to speed-up my recovery time from several surgeries. When you meet Mark you will be in the presence of a caring and gentle soul who's focus is to be of service to all that he touches.

Noreen Kauahikaua

After one session with Mark not only was I completely relaxed, but totally out of physical pain. Although my physical pain was relieved, I still had a lot of emotional pain that seemed to be blocked and keeping me back even after years of psychotherapy. After the next two visits I feel that not only am I physically better, but I am no longer emotionally and spiritually blocked. Mark is a truly gifted healer, and I feel our meeting was divinely arranged.  


John E. 



  • Qi-gong practitioner for over 25 years.

  • Licensed massage therapist in private practice for eighteen years. I've created an atmosphere and a trust with clients for them to begin to heal and live a life free from old programs that no longer serve them.

  • Together we can enable you to empower yourself so that you can live a happy, healthy and successful life beyond your wildest dreams. If you can envision it, you can become it! 



2021 to Present

Certified Self Sabotage Coach

License Massage Therapist

offering Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Chakra Balancing, Sound & Energy Healing.

2004 to Present

1996 to Present

Qi-gong practitioner & teacher

1978 to Present




Qi-gong is a time honored tradition of unifying the mind/body and breath through a precise set of specific movements designed to improve health and wellness on many levels. I invite you to watch the video to the right where I explain some of the many health benefits achieved by practicing and demonstrate a few quick Qi-gong exercises. 

Beach Meditation

Don't have time to take a Qi-gong class due to your busy schedule? Not to worry soon I'll have videos up with full forms of classical medical Qi-gong for purchase to watch at your convenience!! 

Stay tuned!! 


Studies have shown that we are heavily influenced in our early years by the behavior and lifestyle choices of our parents and the surrounding tribe we grew up in whether that be good or bad. If one or both parents smoked cigarettes or drank alcohol excessively, we tend to have a propensity to do the same in our adult lives. If the home we grew up in was dysfunctional and chaotic, there's a tendency for us to recreate what we were familiar with as a child. There's nothing wrong with us, the part of the brain that controls between 94 and 97 percent of our lives is just doing it's job. There's safety in familiarity even if it brings us an unhappy life.  









There's a term called repetetive content that studies have shown influences the way we think, what we buy and how we act out our lives . Ever wonder why those marketing executives spend millions of dollars on the same ads you see and here day in and day out on tv, billboards, radio and magazines ?They've mastered the art of hacking the subconscious mind to entice you to buy their goods or services.   That's the unsettling news.  

The fantastic news is I can show you how to hack your subconscious mind, rewrite the codes and programs that heavily influence how you create your reality and begin working towards a life that is successful, happy and healthy ! I've seen it with my own eyes with close loved ones. Don't believe the subconscious can be hacked ? I invite you to watch the video below to see just how easy it is. 

Just like Max Major was able to hack the mind of Howie Mandel and the entire virtual audience, I can teach you how to do it to yourself !

In the following video below we have a very powerful demonstration of how our emotions can change our physical body, make us sick and develop disease symptoms just based on the way we perceive our world and how we repeat negative dialogues or banter inside our subconscious mind. All diseases have emotional components. You can even look up phantom pregnancy, when the body starts to change in every way during pregnancy, without a pregnancy occurring. It can even happen in a thought alone. 

In the following video below we witness another example of how the mind can easily be hacked with subliminal messages. I can teach you how to hack your own mind in a similar way and begin implanting positive words and images for a happier and more successful life ! Remember, it's about repetitive content. Studies have shown that with as little as two repetitions the mind can be swayed, coerced or manipulated. Let's work together to enable you to sway your mind to begin hearing positive and empowering messages !! 

I've been drumming for over 45 years and have performed and recorded with countless bands over the years. I've had the time of my life with endless fond memories. 

How did I reach the level of being able to record and perform on national tv, local and international radio, nightclubs and stages all over the east coast?

With practice and repetition, repetition, repetition. You can achieve just about anything in life once you set your mind on a goal and strive toward it without ever stopping until you reach your destination. 


Whatever it is you want to do, you can achieve it! I'm living proof! I can help you break free from whatever is holding you back. Whether it be negative self-talk, an unhealthy habit, negative programming from early childhood or the surroundings of your tribe. I can help you release those old programs that no longer serve you and embrace new ones that will allow you to achieve whatever it is you want in life that makes you happy. 

Below are two videos of me performing in just two of many musical projects I've recorded with over the years.  

I've experimented with many different types of drumming over the years. Drumming can be used to back up a band and play in a musical setting but can also be used as a meditative tool. With over forty-five years of studying, researching and playing I discovered that rhythm, vibration and frequencies can also be utilized to bring a person into a deep meditative state allowing one the opportunity to relax and go deep within the mind and spirit. Many answers in life lie within the deep recesses of the mind. We just need to take the time to go there.  


Below is a brief video demonstrating how drumming can relax the mind and allow you to go within and connect to the divine. Humans are physical, energetic and spiritual beings. By using different tools such as Qi-gong and drumming, to name just a few, we can begin to shift our frequency and vibration and allow ourselves to tap into a higher level of consciousness. 

I can teach you how to reach levels you never thought possible! Coming to terms with self sabotage and embracing new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Incorporating powerful time honored Qi-gong and also some meditative drumming. Working with Coach Puk will transform your life. 


     -- There's a separate fee for Qi-gong or drumming sessions. 

Please email me and we can work out a plan that suits your needs and will set you on track for a life without limits. 

I recommend starting with eliminating the self sabotage programs. Then incorporate some Qi-gong and meditative drumming if that interests you. Or you could just do Qi-gong after first addressing the self sabotage. Chances are you'll backslide real quickly if you don't release those old self defeating programs and patterns first. 

I look forward to working with you!! 

All The Best, 

Coach Puk 


A Passion for over forty-five years.


What's involved working with Coach Puk ? 

Step one:


First you fill out a detailed intake form. We want to take a closer look at your life. Most folks take a few days or even a week to fill out the intake form. It's a deep dive into your life from the start right up to the present. I'm looking  for patterns, behaviours and lifestyle choices that are influencing you in ways that might not be aware to you consciously. Or in ways you just aren't able to take control of.  Take your time there's no rush. I invite you to open up and share everything that you've experienced in your life.

Step two:

screen-post-folBYP0ED0k-unsplash (1).jpg

I'll send you a series of videos to watch that will prime your subconscious preparing it to be recoded and reprogrammed with new and self-empowering messages. This process is powerful as it educates you on how the subconscious mind is influenced in ways you could never imagine !! After you've finished watching all the videos email me and we'll schedule our first zoom session. 

Step three:


This is the first of two zoom coaching sessions where we go over your questionnaire and begin the process of releasing the old and bringing in the new. It's a lighthearted session where we begin zeroing in on patterns or influences. I've been working closely with clients for close to 20 years you can relax, you're in good hands.  We can find areas that need addressing and start the process.  We then schedule another zoom session one week apart.  

Step four:


In the second zoom session we go deeper into the recesses of your subconscious mind uncovering areas that are keeping you stuck. Here's where the magic and breakthroughs happen ! You get to see how your subconscious has been working like it was programmed to and how you can take back control by changing the programs you've been running.


Think of it like a software update you download and install on your iphone or desktop. It's the same concept. You're literally changing the software messages that have been playing in the background (your subconscious) ! 


We then pick a self hypnosis session (the quickest way to access the subconscious !) best suited for you to address those areas that need some focus. 



You'll listen to the hypnosis audio recording towards the end of our second coaching session together. I'll email you the hypnosis recording the next day for you to continue the process of recoding the subconscious mind. 

Step five:

austin-schmid-hRdVSYpffas-unsplash (1).jpg

After our second session together I'll email you the self hypnosis recording, my summation notes, both zoom sessions for you to review and wall art for you to place in your environment to strengthen and support the new self empowering messages you'll be imprinting into your mind !! What you see, you will be !  

Congratulations ! You're on the path to a new you !! 


Mark Pukmel Self Sabotage Coaching Services Fee: $500 



Phone 845-518-2708

 Poughkeepsie, NY


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