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 Why We Self Sabotage 

& What We Can Do About It 


We pick up programs from our adolescent years and oftentimes carry them right into adulthood. Maybe one or both of our parents smoked or drank alcohol excessively. Perhaps there was dysfunction and chaos as a result of it. Or maybe they were overweight and never exercised. We tend to mimic what we see on a regular basis. 

There's a term for that called repetitive content. Studies have shown what we see over and over we tend to have a tendency to mimic.


  Ever wonder why marketing executives pay exhorbant amounts of money for you to see, hear and read the same ads over and over ad nauseum ? 

They have mastered the art of influencing our subconscious mind to buy the products, services or goods that they so cleverly play over and over. 

That's the unsettling news. The good news is I can teach you how to hack your subconscious mind, rewrite the code, change the frequency and begin moving towards achieving a better life. A life lived on purpose that's empowering and in your control. 


It's about progress, not perfection and in a short amount of time you'll begin to notice the changes in the way you think, speak, act and feel. 


I've seen the process unfold before my very eyes when a close loved one was suffering and decided to implement the easy-to-follow steps for 21 days and their life changed. 

Finding it hard to believe the subconscious mind can be hacked? 

I invite you to watch the video below to see just how easy it is ! 

And you can do it to yourself ! 

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